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Hollywood Stunts

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For: Ages 8-16
Category: Adventure
Intensity Level: High

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Discover what it's like to be a world-class stunt action hero! Learn how to do stunts from experienced instructors who ensure your safety as you work your way up from shoulder rolls to high falls. Campers have individualized attention while learning and practicing stunts. Every high fall is spotted by staff members, who then give personal coaching in the form of quick pointers on how to improve it. Here’s what you’ll learn during the week:

After five days of mastering stunt techniques, campers get to perform their stunts for their fellow campers somewhere special and surprising around camp. Hollywood Stunts is a thrilling exercise in overcoming your fears - pushing them aside just long enough to take the leap. Once you do, it’s an amazing feeling!


What Parents are Saying

“Great job PALI! I asked my son, what could the camp improve on? He couldn't think of one thing! That's amazing. He thought everything was awesome - even the food. That's a HUGE compliment. Fantastic work, Pali camp and staff. Again, the best money I ever spend in the summer is with Pali. My child came home happier than I have seen him all year!! Thank you for the great summer for my son.”

What Campers are Saying

“Pali is amazing. Nothing short of my expectations. Stunts is exhilarating and challenging!”“Stunts could not have been better. AMAZING!”“THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!! Stunts is amazing, I love it!”

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