Flying Trapeze

There is nothing better than the sensation of soaring through the air!

Professional trapeze and aerial artists teach your camper to gracefully swing their way through blue skies on 2 full-size trapeze rigs nestled in our beautiful forest surroundings. Campers gain confidence, develop strength, flexibility and balance. They learn to trust new abilities, such as hanging, flying, catching and more!

  • Full-size trapeze rigs with safety lines and netting
  • Aerial silks pavilion with silks, lyra and hammock
  • Constant skill acquisition and progression
  • Conquer fears in an exhilarating high-flying adventure

Learn More About Why Pali is The Best Flying Trapeze Summer Camp in Southern California

Activity Rating

Critical Thinking

Soft Skills

Self Awareness
Self Confidence
Interpersonal Relationships
What Parents Are Saying

“Thanks to your amazing staff for showing my kids the time of their lives. I listened for two hours on the way home as they described the adventures, laughs, achievements and fun they had this week. My daughter landed a triple backflip in Trapeze and is now ready to work for Cirque Du Soleil.”

What Campers Are Saying

“Trapeze! I was so scared at first but everyone helped me conquer my fear and I am sooo glad!” “I learned a bunch of tricks on the silks and trapeze!” “This is my 2nd year and camp just keeps getting better! Trapeze takes courage at first, but so fun!!!” “Trapeze was fun and there was always something new with AMAZING counselors!”

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