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For: Ages 8-16
Category: Performance
Intensity Level: Moderate

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It doesn’t get much cooler than this! If you’ve ever wanted to DJ an event and create that magic atmosphere that gets everyone having a great time, this is the perfect place to start. Conquer beat matching, song dropping and mixing on high-tech virtual turntables, then get hands-on experience right here at camp performing for your new friends.

Our DJ campers have a blast every week entertaining the whole camp. You'll experience the ultimate DJ high when you get to throw down your own DJ set for your fellow campers at the Pali Dance! Feel the exhilaration of looking out on the crowd dancing and smiling as they enjoy the atmosphere you’ve created.


What Parents are Saying

“My son hasn’t stopped talking about his Pali Adventure since we picked him up yesterday! He keeps saying it was the greatest time of my life; He is already planning to come back next year and do DJ camp! Thank you again for making this happen for him. He had an amazing week of being a kid and he has incredible memories that will last forever. THANK YOU!”“My son returned home from the first session of Pali begging to go back next year! It was a fantastic experience for him. His self esteem was sky high when he returned. His counselors helped him to see his potential while he was there. He made friends. Worked with equipment he never used before. Was very proud of all the things he accomplished. Thank you for the greatest week.”

What Campers are Saying

“DJ was awesome. I loved DJing the dance.”“DJ is the BEST EVER.”“DJ was totally worth it - Awesome.”“Doing DJ was the best hours of my life.”

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You know you've found the perfect specialty for your child, and you can already envision them participating and absolutely loving it. Make sure to claim your child's spot as early as possible to guarantee availability, as our most popular specialties do fill up fast. Signing up for camp is easy, and we will walk you through it step by step.

Not what you're looking for?

Not every specialty will be perfect for every camper - but we believe that there IS a perfect specialty for every camper! Check out the next specialty or let us help you decide which choices would be ideal for your child. Parent Liaisons are standing by to assist you, and we love to talk about camp!


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