Tonight on KPAL News… and your camper has the exclusive. Your camper is first on the scene at Pali’s very own daily news station.

Broadcasting campers break into on-screen journalism with Pali’s own daily news feature. Campers collaborate to produce, report and host each day’s broadcast. Campers get practical hands-on experience as hard-hitting journalists, creative editors and on-air talent.

Our professional studio means that campers file their own stories with professional video and sound equipment, anchor the broadcast from our green-screen studio desk and edit the results. This is the perfect opportunity to take a spin as on-air talent or as a behind-the-scenes mover and shaker.

Each day’s broadcast is premieres for the whole camp at dinner. The perfect place for a sound bite or two!

  • Research and write news stories
  • Conduct on-camera interviews
  • Produce on-location segments
  • Learn mic and cue card techniques
  • Anchor in front of a green screen
  • Operate cameras, sound and lighting
  • Master journalistic ethics
  • Enhance public speaking skills

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Critical Thinking

Soft Skills

Verbal Communication
Presentation Skills
What Parents Are Saying

“My daughter has so many life memories with the counselors and camp. She speaks daily about next summer and wanting to go back as a Junior Counselor!” “This was my son’s fifth year and he loves that he sees so many people year after year, and loves meeting new people and making connections.”

What Campers Are Saying

“Camp was so freaking AMAZING! Broadcasting was awesome! I really liked how we learned everything.” “Pali is Amazing! This is the best camp ever! Broadcasting was very fun!” “The counselors were THE BEST THEY COULD EVER BE!!!”

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