Cirque Du Pali

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Campers of all ages!

Come one! Come all! To Cirque du Pali!

The human body is an amazing instrument. Instead of lions, tigers and bears, Cirque du Pali campers put their bodies through the paces. Imagine a place where gravity is optional. Performers mold music, colors and shapes into an artistic spectacle.

Campers marvel at the skills of our experienced performers. Then they learn the tricks of the trade. Under careful supervision of our trained instructors, they use professional equipment.

Campers learn basic acrobatics, circus and safety techniques on a variety of equipment. Juggling, diabolo and spinning poi, for example. Then balancing on a slack line or hanging from silks.

They perfect their balance and coordination on the ground and in the air. Practice builds strength and confidence.

Hair-raising feats of flying and fast-paced juggling action will make your camper want to come back for more!

  • Learn coordination skills while practicing diablo, juggling and poi (twirling)
  • Develop strength and balance with acro-yoga and slacklining
  • Expand aerial art skills in disciplines such as lyra, silks and hammock
  • Take to the skies in the Pali Aerial Arts Pavilion

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