3 Performance Based Specialty Camps to Send Your Child to This Summer

Summer camp is first and foremost an amazing opportunity for your child to gain confidence and to forge lifelong friendships with other campers. But there are also many other fantastic benefits based on what kind of camp your child is interested in attending. No matter what kind of summer camp your child chooses, they’re sure to have plenty of fun throughout the whole experience.

Did you know that many Hollywood stars from today and yesterday also attended performance-based camp when they were young? If your child is an aspiring star, or one who shows plenty of personality around the house, then summer camp might be a fun and unique way to give them an even bigger stage to shine on. Here’s everything you need to know to find the right camp for your budding superstar camper.

Find the Right Outlet

Many parents make the mistake of assuming that acting camp is the only option for children who want to attend a performance based camp. Before you and your child make the big decision about where to go, talk about exactly what they would like to be doing while away.

Pali Adventures offers not only acting specialties, but other performance-based camps including film, rockstar, movie makeup, and Hollywood stunt camps. Let your child choose what kind of Hollywood adventure they would like to have when it’s time to sign up for camp, and they’re guaranteed to get the most from the experience.

Reap the Benefits

The arts have received decreased funding in schools and afterschool programs as STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) programs have become more widespread in recent years. But that doesn’t mean that the arts are becoming less important. In fact, research has shown that arts education can improve test scores, and business leaders actually consider creativity one of the most important factors when hiring.

For these reasons, summer camp is becoming more and more intrinsic in cultivating an arts education for kids who might not receive that exposure during the school year. At many performance-based camps, your child will have the opportunity to hone their acting skills and will enjoy performing with other like-minded kids.

Enjoy the Process

The most important thing is that your child has fun, so be sure to choose a summer camp where your child will have a blast above all else. At Pali, our performance-based specialties will cultivate and provide an outlet for your child’s passions, while ensuring they spend plenty of time getting to be a kid.

Rockstar Camp

If your child loves to write and perform, they’ll love our rockstar specialty, where they will spend the week working on vocal techniques, composition skills, and receiving feedback from music industry professionals.

We encourage campers to bring their own musical instruments, and we provide instruments to all campers that decide not to bring their own. Let your child bloom as an artist with state-of-the-art recording equipment, and an end of the week Rock Star Specialty Showcase.

Hollywood Stunt Camp

If your child is a junior daredevil, give him or her a safe outlet to explore gravity’s limits with the Hollywood stunt camp at Pali Adventures. Your child will learn what it takes to be a true stunt hero under the guidance of our expert instructors.

For starters, campers will learn shoulder rolls, high falls, and even sword play. The week of stunts culminates with a special stunt performance, right in front of the entire camp!

Movie Makeup

Does your child love playing with makeup and special effects? Then the movie makeup camp at Pali Adventures is sure to be the perfect outlet. Your child will spend the week learning all about Hollywood makeup, from basic application techniques to graphic wounds and beyond.

Campers will also receive makeup lessons and tutorials, with daily makeup themes.

Explore the Benefits of Performance Camp

From stunt camp to makeup camp, Pali Adventures offers a plethora of performance-based specialties that will help your child grow as an artist and as a kid. Let your child discover his or her passions with a dose of Hollywood magic from Pali Adventures.

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