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Pali is different from other specialty camps because our specialties are so accessible. Our programs are encouraging and supportive of all ability levels. We love to see campers explore activities they have only dreamed about - with no pressure to already be good at it. Meeting each individual where they are, we tailor an experience to each camper. We have loosely organized our specialties into four broad categories to help introduce them to you - Adventure, Creativity, Performance and Leadership. Go ahead - try something new!


Get ready for Pali's biggest thrills! If your camper is looking for a specialty with nonstop action, you're in the right place. These are all awesome choices for the camper who wants to get moving!

Extreme Action

Zip lines, paintball, driving ATVs and more - get ready to sample the most heart pounding activities from all over camp.

Flying Trapeze

Swing through the air on outdoor trapeze rigs, aided by safety nets and harnesses. Learn lyra hoop, aerial silks and other circus arts.

Girl Power

Girls only! Balance the extremes of zip lining and driving ATVs with the relaxation of spa treatments and much-needed girl time.

Hollywood Stunts

Learn the tricks of a movie stunt double by jumping off of buildings, stage fighting and more!


Become a character in your own adventure story, battling villains in Dungeons and Dragons and in live action quests.


Indulge your need for speed! Drive ATVs and mini bikes through forest trails on three custom dirt tracks.

Secret Agent

From paintball to martial arts, military tactics to the high-speed chase – learn all the skills you need to become a secret agent.

Water Sports

Spend your mornings on Big Bear Lake learning to waterski, wakeboard, kneeboard and more!


Tap into your inner artist and show your creative side! These specialties give campers a chance to create something unique and express themselves through a variety of imaginative art forms.


Learn to cook from expert chefs! Create delicious dishes inspired by cuisine from around the world.


Create a clothing line from design concept to production. Show off your outfits by modeling them on the Fashion Showcase runway!


Make your own movie! Learn how to write scripts, direct, film and produce your movie from start to finish.

Fine Arts

Paint, draw, create – explore your artistic ability in five different art mediums.

Movie Makeup

Learn the tricks of pro Hollywood makeup artists for glamour photoshoots, fake wounds, movie characters and even zombies!

Street Art

The world is your canvas! Use non-traditional art forms to express yourself artistically.

Wacky Science

Create crazy potions, edible science experiments and weird chemical reactions. Then launch your own rocket!


Let your talent shine! If your camper loves to perform, these specialties are the place to do it. Campers show off their skills in an atmosphere that is unmatched in supportiveness, encouragement and positivity.


Play fun improvisational acting games, perform scenes for the whole camp and star in an original movie produced by our film campers!


Become an anchor and report on the latest news from Pali with your daily broadcasts - aired at dinner for your fellow campers!


Use cutting-edge turntables to mix music and drop beats – then take your show on the road to DJ the Pali Dance!


Get moving in fun individualized classes on jazz, ballet, hip-hop, breakdancing and more. Perform your own dance for the whole camp!


Learn basic illusions, card tricks, sleight of hand and close-up magic to amaze and astound your friends and family!

Rock Star

Develop your musical talent and become the rockstar you were born to be by performing in a live concert for the whole camp!


Campers ages 15-16 become great leaders and learn valuable life skills while having a blast at camp.

Counselor in Training (CIT)

Ignite your passion for leadership in a special two-week program with hands-on experience and certifications, then become a camper again for afternoons full of fun electives!