Street Art

If your camper can imagine it, they can paint it!

Street Art takes creative license to an entirely new level.

Campers expand their horizons with non-traditional techniques and emerging art forms, create original stencils and develop control as they paint.

Using Virtual Reality, our street artists practice the basics before tackling real-world expression and displaying their art at Pali with a large mural for all to see.

  • Create original stencils
  • Learn and develop control while painting with spray paint
  • Add some color to Pali with chalk murals
  • Hone skills in a virtual world
  • Design and produce large scale works of art

Learn More About Why Pali is The Best Street Art Summer Camp in Southern California

Activity Rating

Critical Thinking

Soft Skills

Artistic Sense
Self Confidence
What Parents Are Saying

“The street art, she can’t stop talking about. It’s one of her highlights this year.” “She loved everything she did in session 9 & 10. By meeting new friends, the counselors, but one of her favorites was the street art.”

What Campers Are Saying

“What I really love about Pali is the environment and amazing counselors! The counselors really helped with every aspect of my week.” “Street Art was so fun!” “What was the best part of Pali? STREET ART!!!”

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