Entertain and amaze!

A professional magician will help your camper build a foundation of skills that form the basis for all types of magic.

We can’t reveal all our magician’s secrets, but we can tell you that your camper will develop their own magician’s persona and performance skills as they learn how to present new illusions, boost their confidence and wow friends and family.

  • Amaze with stunning close-up magic
  • Develop astounding sleight of hand
  • Keep people guessing with incredible card tricks
  • Learn basic illusions
  • Return home with a bag of tricks

Best Magic Camp in Southern California

Activity Rating

Critical Thinking

Soft Skills

Self Confidence
Presentation Skills
What Parents Are Saying

“The counselors are wonderful! They are really the key to the whole Pali experience.”

“My son has been to a lot of camps and he said that Pali was by far the best camp he has ever attended. It is wonderful to see him smiling, flowing and talking nonstop about his adventures over the last two weeks. He loved his counselors, the program, the food, and just about everything. He will definitely be back next summer. Thank you for providing him such a wonderful experience. I love having such a happy son return.”

What Campers Are Saying

“The counselors are amazing!”

“Pali is very fun. I usually get homesick, but I didn’t at this camp. FUN!”

“Everyone made me feel so at home.”

Not What You're Looking For?

Not every specialty will be perfect for every camper - but we believe that there is a specialty for every camper!
If you need help deciding which would be ideal for your camper, give our Parent Liaisons a call.
They are standing by to assist you and love to talk about camp!

(909) 867 - 5743