Is your camper a Seinfeld or a Chapelle?

A Leslie Jones or a Melissa McCarthy?

Do they prefer Saturday Night Live or Whose Line Is It Anyway?

At Pali, experienced instructors help your camper discover their voice. Then they develop their self-confidence and deliver their comedic vision.

Each week at our summer comedy camp is a unique exploration of improvisation, sketch and ensemble work and stand-up. Instructors help campers develop skills, find their comedic point of view, and prepare the right delivery.
Campers use creative writing skills, critical thinking (it helps to think in tangents!) and comedic timing to “have ‘em rollin’ in the aisles!”

With a week of practicing the essential elements of physical and verbal comedy, campers wow the audience at the Pali showcase with a primetime-worthy performance.

  • Learn the ins and outs of stand-up, improv, sketch comedy scenes, and physical comedy
  • Discover a personal point of view and comic persona
  • Learn how to write a “tight 5”
  • Take a sketch from initial concept to performance-ready script
  • Master how to work the crowd to keep them engaged and laughing

Master Improv Comedy

Improvisation is one of the most essential tools career comedians use as they develop their skills. In fact, it’s become a style of comedy show all its own in cities across the country. During their week at comedy camp, your child will learn improv comedy well.

Not only does this give them experience with improv comedy in its own right but it also serves as a helpful exercise. It gives them experience interacting with other comedians and to turn unexpected shifts into hilarious situations. They’ll learn to think on their toes which is an essential skill for any type of performer, and the improv also helps them come up start coming up with their own joke ideas.

Become a Sketch Comedy Artist

While most people think of stand-up when they think of comedy, improv-based sketch comedy is another important form every comedian needs to learn. After all, Saturday Night Live wouldn’t still be on the air after more than 40 years if sketch comedy wasn’t a beloved type of entertainment.

Under the guidance of our instructors, your child will learn how to create and write original sketches. With our kid’s comedy classes, they’ll also learn the ins and outs of performing sketch comedy, such as combing joke-telling with acting and interacting with other comedians. They’ll get the unique experience of learning to work with props and to roll with the inevitable changes and hiccups that may arise during their skits.

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