Airline Assertiveness and the Other Skills You Will Learn at Aviation Summer Camp

While school can teach you about history, math, and English, there are many essential life skills that can’t be found in your textbooks. 

So, where can you learn things like self-confidence and independence? How can you find ways to develop these skills?

One option is an aviation summer camp at Pali Adventures. There, you will be challenged personally as you pick up skills that you can use for the rest of your life.

Keep reading to learn more about what Pali Adventures will teach you during a week of aviation camp this summer.

1. Assertiveness

Assertiveness is defined as your ability to stand up for and express yourself without being aggressive. It helps you remain calm and let others know what you want or need without causing problems.

This will help you communicate better in countless situations since you’ll know how to prevent people from walking all over you without walking all over them. Having respect for others and yourself can get you where you want to be in life. 

2. Self-Confidence

Something that often goes along with assertiveness is self-confidence. It’s an essential part of it because you need to be confident to assert yourself properly. 

Believing in yourself will also help you accomplish your dreams, whether you want to be an airline pilot or something not related to aviation at all. Whatever you choose to be, the most important person you need to believe in yourself is you. 

boy flying plane

3. Strategic Planning

There are many situations that will require you to consider multiple factors when making a plan of action. That means you need to develop skills in strategic planning. 

When flying aircraft, strategic planning helps you plan a flight path and know how to react in a variety of situations. This is a skill that pilots and others in the aircraft industry possess which has saved many lives thanks to careful planning. 

4. Critical Thinking

Particularly when faced with an emergency situation, pilots need the ability to think critically. Critical thinking is most often defined as your ability to form an unbiased opinion based on available facts. 

When flying a plane thousands of feet above the ground, acting based on your emotions can spell danger for you and for your passengers. That’s why you need to learn to only use cold hard facts when making decisions while flying. 

5. Independence

Many pilots are alone while flying and making important decisions. Even when pilots have help from co-pilots and air traffic controllers, they still have to make many choices on their own or are at least responsible for following through on the best course of action. 

This is where the ability to be independent comes in. Pilots need to be able to work and make decisions without relying on others. You can also see how this skill is essential for all aspects of life since you will often find yourself in situations in which you have to make decisions on your own. 

How Aviation Camp Teaches These Skills

Now let’s talk about some of the ways you’ll learn these important life skills. There are several activities throughout your week of aviation summer camp that will help you learn and develop each of these skills. 

Drone Flying

One of the things you get to fly while at a week of aviation camp is a drone. Our quad drones are the perfect way for you to get a birds’ eye view of Pali while practicing your piloting skills. 

In particular, this will help you practice strategic planning as you create a flight path before taking off, and critical thinking once the drone is in the air if you find yourself running into problems during flight. 

VR Flight Simulators

Another way you can learn many of these skills is by using our virtual reality (VR) flight simulation setups. There’s no better — or safer! — way to practice flying aircraft than by using VR. 

The skill this activity focuses on most is independence since you’ll be flying by yourself in the virtual world. You’ll also get a chance to practice your critical thinking skills and develop self-confidence as you fly virtual aircraft. 

Building a Rocket

Another fun activity you’ll get to participate in during aviation camp is building a rocket. After you learn about aerodynamics, you can put that knowledge to work  to build and launch a rocket.

Two of the other skills this activity helps you build are strategic planning and critical thinking. You’ll have to carefully plan as you build your rocket and use your logic to troubleshoot along the way so you can build the best possible rocket. 

Flying in a Real Helicopter

Most aviation campers will agree that the best part of the week is the chance to fly in a real helicopter over the San Bernardino Mountains. This unforgettable experience will help you see many of these essential life skills in action. 

Although you’ll be taking flight with a qualified instructor, you’ll still have the chance to exercise your assertiveness as you fly. As you fly in the helicopter, you’ll feel a rush of self-confidence that you can’t get anywhere else. 

If it’s your dream to be a pilot or even just to fly an aircraft, there’s nothing better to give you the skills and confidence needed to accomplish your goals and soar to new heights. 

kids at aviation camp

Ready to Enroll in Aviation Summer Camp at Pali Adventures?

Now you know a few of the things you’ll learn during a week of aviation summer camp at Pali Adventures. You can also see how the activities you’ll participate in are designed to help you pick up these essential skills.

If you’re ready to learn these things and have a truly unforgettable experience this summer, enroll at Pali today. Spots for our specialty camps fill up fast, so you’ll want to make sure you reserve your spot as soon as possible so you don’t miss this opportunity!