Building Your Fashion Summer Camp Wardrobe at Pali Adventures

Every child has their own interests, and for some kids, it’s easy to find ways to expand their knowledge about those interests outside of school. For example, if your child loves sports, they have plenty of available extracurricular activities that will teach them more about athletics and help them hone their skills. For kids who love fashion, on the other hand, there aren’t as many options.

Fashion summer camp can be the perfect way for your budding fashion superstar to explore their passion. At Pali Adventures, our fashion instructors go beyond teaching campers about fashion and walk them through the full process of creating their own outfit, from that first brainstorming session through modeling their creations on the runway. Here’s a peek into what to expect.

Discover the Essential Elements of Design

Every beautiful work of fashion art starts with a great idea, but it doesn’t end there. Part of the challenge is learning how to translate an initial idea into an actionable design.

Our fashion summer camp instructors can coach your child through this process. They’ll start with a mood board to capture the tone and feel they want their new piece to have. After finding their stride, your child will move on to sketching their pieces.

Along the way, instructors guide campers through fine-tuning the ideas and images in their minds so they can move forward with concrete ideas step-by-step.

Get Familiar with Fabrics

With fashion design, a designer doesn’t conjure up their new piece out of nowhere. They need to find the perfect fabrics and colors that will bring their designs to life.

Fashion summer camp is an opportunity for your child to get to know different fabrics. They’ll discover which fabrics complement each other and how to find a fabric that has the texture and mood they’re looking for.

At the same time, campers learn how to work with different fabrics as well. They’ll discover how to make stretchy fabrics keep their shape and how to securely sew a wide variety of fabrics. These are the building blocks that open the door for your child to work with a wider range of fabrics and designs in the future.

girl designing dress with sewing pattern

Find Out All About Fitting

The most beautifully designed outfit in the world won’t look great if it fits poorly. Fitting is an essential part of a designer’s ability to create the look they want with their outfits.

During fashion summer camp, your child will learn everything they need to know about sizing and fitting. They’ll learn how to take all the measurements they need for any design project and how to turn those measurements into an accurate pattern.

Your child will also combine their new knowledge of measurements with their experience with various fabrics. For example, they’ll learn which fabrics shrink, which stretch, and how to maintain a consistent, accurate size for pieces using any fabric they choose.

Of course, sizing doesn’t end when you finish designing an outfit. Campers also learn how to make adjustments and alterations, from taking pieces in or letting them out to adjusting the way they lay on a person’s body.

Create an Outfit That’s Uniquely You

As your child progresses through their fashion summer camp, they’ll work toward a singular goal: designing and creating an outfit of their own.

After all the designing and planning aspects like gathering ideas, making mood boards, sketching, choosing fabrics, and creating patterns, your child will create the outfit they’ve designed. They’ll learn all the essentials about sewing with sewing machines as well as sewing by hand, making seams that hold well and create the shape and effects they want in their design.

Not only does this allow your child to exercise their creativity and capture their own style, but it lets them cater their piece to their own lifestyle as well. Your child can create anything from a fun outfit for outdoor adventures to a glamorous look for a night out with friends.

Stylize and Accessorize

Fashion doesn’t end with clothes. A great outfit is a strong start, but every fashion pro needs to be able to expertly style their outfits too.

After your child creates their brand-new outfit, they’ll learn how to master styling their outfits as well. They’ll find out which types of accessories and jewelry work best with which types of clothing, and they’ll explore a wide range of shapes, textures, and styles of accessories.

Learn to Rock the New Outfit

The best part of any new outfit is being able to show it off. As much as your child will love wearing their creations to school or to outings, they’ll also get a crash course in modeling their fashions as well.

At the end of our fashion summer camp, our campers each model their new styles for their fellow campers, strutting their stuff on the runway and showing off their hard work as well as their fashion sense.

Build a Fashion-Minded Friend Group

Not every friend your child has needs to share all their same interests. After all, spending time with people who see things differently is what helps kids grow. At the same time, it’s helpful to have at least a few friends who understand your child’s love of fashion.

What better way to form those friendships than at fashion summer camp? Your child will get to know kids from the local Southern California area as well as other parts of the US and even other countries. They can build a friend group they can turn to for fashion advice and share their fashion ambitions in the future.

sewing machine

Giving Your Child the Experience of Fashion Summer Camp

It’s always fun to see your child start to recognize their passions and use their natural talents. As a parent, though, you don’t always have the expertise necessary to help your child take their interests further. If your child has all the makings of a future top designer or if they just love putting together outfits, fashion summer camp could be their opportunity to explore further.

If you’re ready to give your child that gift, sign up for our upcoming fashion summer camp today.