Developing Character One Summer at a Time

Craig Emerson (#Hashtag) | Pali Mountain

According to Merriam-Webster, character is one of the attributes or features that makes up and distinguishes an individual. Character development is learned through teachable moments and experiences. Where is the one place where a child can be themselves and parents can turn to help provide the right environment for character development? Summer Camp! The same place you probably went to when you were a kid.

“Camp provides opportunities for youth to learn new skills and gain new experiences, including teamwork, collaboration, cooperation, problem solving, resilience, and self-esteem. Children will grow and carry these qualities for the rest of their lives.”
— Tom Rosenberg, President/CEO of the American Camp Association

First time campers and returning families have been benefiting from the positive, supportive environment provided by the camp experience. Character is developed at camp when:

  • Campers feel safe and nurtured, allowing them to take healthy risks and develop character organically
  • Supporting counselors have positive character traits and lead by example
  • Camp provides teachable moments and experiences

There are many approaches we can take in our experiential approach to camper development that contribute toward character outputs. They include:

  • Developing supportive adult-child relationships
  • Exposing campers to community values
  • Discussing expectations in different camp situations
  • Considering the perspectives of others
  • Empathy

What investment do you want to make to continue your child’s character development and what role will a residential sleep away camp play in the adult they become.



About Pali Adventures

Pali Adventures is an overnight summer camp for kids ages 8-16, located in Southern California near Los Angeles. The Pali experience is one of a kind: campers choose a morning specialty and all of their own afternoon electives to design a personalized adventure. Our campers follow their dreams, try incredible new things and gain lifelong friends in a safe and supportive environment. Send your child to the place where they will grow, feel successful and return home saying, “That was the Best Camp Ever!”

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