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Become a Mix Master at Summer DJ Camp

Rock Out and Get Creative at DJ Camp!

If your child has a passion for playing around with electronic music software, loves to mix their own music, and get creative with different musical styles, the DJ camp specialty at Pali Adventures is the perfect way to help them hone their music making hobby. Pali Adventures’ weeklong DJ specialty gives kids everything they need to make their own beats, and gives campers the opportunity to work under the guidance of our professional DJs. Kids will get hands on experience mixing music on high tech turntables, using professional grade headphones, and playing around with state of the art software.

At DJ summer camp, your child will learn all of the basics, as well as some of the hottest tips, tricks, and practical techniques. Campers will perform their original tracks in front each other—so kids should prepare to drop their best beats to make the crowd go wild!

What Does a Week at DJ Camp Look Like?

Over the course of the week, campers will develop their own original DJ persona. Campers think about what kind of character they want to be while performing, and hone in on how they can express that through the way they mix beats and present themselves on stage. Throughout the week, kids practice how to mix and make beats using Serato DJ decks and laptop bundles, as well as other professional DJ equipment.

Campers will practice beat matching, song dropping, and using high-tech virtual turntables, too. At the end of the week, participants in the DJ camp specialty will perform a set at the Pali Dance for their peers to enjoy. Campers also get the chance to be the star of the show when they show off the skills that they learned throughout the week. Expect crazy light shows, insane bass drops, and one unforgettable night!

At the end of the session, campers will get to take home a CD of their mixes to share with friends and family and to have as a personal keepsake.

The Benefits of DJ Summer Camp

Half the fun of making music is sharing it with others! No matter what type of music summer camp your child attends, they are sure to gain valuable experience performing in front of their peers. Many kids come to camp having some stage fright or performance anxiety, however, Pali’s encouraging environment emphasizes fun above all else, so kids can relax and be themselves in front of their peers and counselors.

Music summer camps also give kids exposure to the different areas of the music industry. With professional DJs as their mentors, campers in this specialty will leave camp feeling inspired to keep mixing tracks and expanding their set list long after the camp session ends.
Parents and Kids Alike Love DJ Camp

One happy parent wrote that their child returned home glowing from DJ camp at Pali Adventures —“My son returned home from the first session of Pali begging to go back next year! It was a fantastic experience for him and his self esteem was sky high when he returned. His counselors helped him to see his potential while he was there. He made friends and worked with equipment he never used before….Was very proud of all the things he accomplished.”

Kids return home from DJ camp at Pali Adventures already excited to go back next year. DJ camp allows kids to feel cool and experimental while teaching them new skills and letting them work with new equipment with support from their ultimate role models—professional DJs!

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