Explore Your Creativity | Creative Specialties

At Pali Adventures, our specialties are loosely organized into several broad categories. We’d like to introduce you to Creativity.

With Creative Specialties, your camper can tap into their imagination and express themselves through a variety of art forms. Our Creative Specialties include Film, Culinary, and Fashion.

  • FILM – Learn how to write scripts, direct, film and produce a movie from start to finish!
  • CULINARY – Create delicious dishes inspired by cuisine from around the world!
  • FASHION – Become a fashion designer, and create a clothing line from design concept to production!


Check out all of our specialties and find the right one for your child. Ready to enroll? Let’s have the BEST SUMMER EVER!

How to get to Creative summer camp from ANAHEIMLONG BEACH or SAN DIEGO.

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