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Family Camp: Going to Camp With Your Siblings

The Ultimate Family Camp Experience!

If you’ve been looking for a summer camp where you can send two or more of your children, you are not alone. Whether or not your kids manage to get along well at home, they’re sure to get along just fine when they’re surrounded by tons of other kids, all having the time of their lives! When it comes to summer camp, siblings typically get along much better at camp than they do in their home environment.

At summer camp, sibling relationships grow and bonds strengthen. Brothers and sisters inevitably find ways to thrive independently and to support each other as they try new things and have new experiences. This is especially true at Pali Adventures, where kids get to choose things they’ve always wanted to try in a fun and supportive environment.

A World of Their Own

Sharing summer  camp with siblings can be magical.  Siblings share camp separate and apart from mom and dad.  Camp magic is a little wink that the parents will never fully understand, and something that bonds siblings in ways their parents would only fully understand if they went through a similar experience—bonding with their sibling(s) at camp.

Keeping the Camp Experience Pure

Summer camp is common ground that children from the same family can cherish. Kids don’t want to spoil their summer of fun with bickering, and they know they’re at camp to experience new things and to make lasting memories. They will most likely set aside rivalries to take full advantage of the experience.

Bonding Through Their Shared Experience

The reality is that older siblings love to look out for their younger siblings at camp. The sense of pride they get when showing their siblings the sights of camp and the environment they’ve come to love deepens their relationship. In a way, they get to act as camp ambassadors.

At the same time, younger siblings look up to their older siblings for camp wisdom, especially their first summer at camp. It’s an experience they get to share together and talk about all during the next school year. Their shared experience of summer camp will bring them closer together in ways that carry over when they return home.

The Anticipation and the Afterglow

Siblings who go to camp together get to share in the excitement of camp long before and after the actual camp experience. From reveling in the anticipation of the upcoming camp season, to packing and preparing for camp together, to bringing home the traditions from camp when it’s over, your kids will share their memories for years to come.

Independent Together—The Best of Both Worlds

Siblings who share the camp experience get to grow independently from each other, with just enough togetherness. They aren’t living with their sibling like they do at home, so they get to experience a new kind of independence. This independent growth, coupled with the comfort of the experience of having familiarity in the form of a sibling at camp, makes the camp experience so much sweeter.

A Family Camp Like No Other

No matter how many children you send to camp this summer, you can rest easy knowing that they’ll have the time of their lives. While away, they’ll be experiencing their own independent camp life along with the joy of the family summer camp with siblings. They won’t even feel like they’re being forced to get along, because they’ll be having so much fun trying new things with new friends!

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