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Channel Your Inner Designer With Summer Fashion Camp
The Summer Camp Designed for Fashionistas of the World

Does your child have a creative knack for design and fashion? If your child loves Project Runway and designing or drawing clothes, the fashion specialty at Pali Adventures is the perfect way for them to spend the summer. Pali Adventures fashion camp specialty provides children with a creative outlet to become their own fashion designer!

Pali Adventures fashion  speciality teaches kids everything they need to know so they can become a fashion design hotshot.. Over the course of the week, kids will learn how to use various types of equipment and how to implement design plans to create a brand new, super stylish wardrobe.

What You’ll Learn in the Fashion Camp Specialty

On the first day of camp, kids will pick out patterns and learn how to work with various fabrics and materials. Pali Adventures fashionistas are taught important skills like sewing and pattern making, however, if your child is already a sewing-pro, even better! Our fashion specialty is designed for children with all different levels of experience – the only requirement is your love for fashion! Over the course of the week, campers will work on creating new outfits using different design methods and will be guided by our expert instructors.

During camp, your child will create unique pieces of clothing that he or she can bring home and wear throughout the year. One happy parent reviewed our fashion camp specialty this way: “[My daughter] is looking forward to the first day of school next week to wear the cute little romper she made… and to tell everyone about her experience!”

Real-World Fashion Experience

Campers will learn tons of new skills throughout the week at fashion camp. Expect for your child to come home knowing how to sew using a sewing machine and patterns, and how to bedazzle their clothing in one-of-a-kind sparkly patterns. Campers will also learn how to plan collections using mood boards, sketches, and fashion illustrations – teaching campers the fundamentals of design from the ground up.

The planning phase of the design process can be one of the most exciting parts. Campers then learn to bring their visions to life by starting with a mock model on paper and then creating the real thing to wear for themselves. Campers will learn how to make clothes that fit themselves, as well as understand how clothing fits on the human body. At the end of the week, campers can bring home their sketches and illustrations in order to keep channeling their inspiration even after camp ends!

Strut Your Stuff at the Pali Showcase

After a week of designing and sewing, campers who participate in our fashion specialty bring their designs to life at the ‘Pali Showcase.’ Campers strut their stuff on the runway, in front of friends and counselors, wearing the designs they’ve been perfecting all week. This one of a kind event allows campers from all specialties to show-off their hard work.

The Benefits of Fashion At Summer Camp

If your child dreams of having their designs showcased on the cover of Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar, the fashion specialty at Pali Adventures will provide them with real, hands-on experience in clothing design. Pali Adventures’ Fashion speciality gives kids a chance to channel their creativity, to learn new skills, and to take chances as they learn to develop their own unique style.

Campers are able to take a design idea, and to see it through from start to finish. Turning a vision into reality gives campers a sense of accomplishment and a new-found confidence — walking away with a new article of clothing is just the cherry on top!

For younger campers who are interested in fashion, this specialty can provide a glimpse into what the fashion industry is all about. Campers can make their clothing designs as simple or as intricate as they please, so that by the end of the week, every camper feels like they’ve created something they can truly be proud of.

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