How to Know if Your Child is Ready for Overnight Camp

When your kids are around 8 years old, they’re certainly looking towards their first overnight summer camp. The charm of going out on a bonfire and some delicious s’ mores with other kids is undeniable.

There are so many things kids learn from camping. This is why joining a go away summer camp is worth it for everyone.

Even then, you might be wondering: what’s the appropriate age for sleepaways? Is my child ready for overnight camp for kids?

Today, we’ll talk about sleepaway camp age. How do you know when your child is ready for overnight camp?

1. Have They Been to Sleepovers?

Let’s be honest. It’s never easy to know if your kid’s ready for their first go away summer camp. You don’t know how they will act when they’re away from you, your home or their room. There’s a way to see some signs, however.

If your child goes to sleepovers with friends or relatives, they’re likely to enjoy bunking somewhere else. If your child tends to be independent on single night visits, they’re at the right age for going to camp.

Kids who are ready for the adventure will embrace it. They will go out there and seek other children. Those who are more reluctant may need a little more time and reassurance.  If your child tends to be clingy, scared of new things or tends to sleepwalk or wet their bed under stress, you might reconsider overnight camp for now.

2. Are They Ready for the Outdoors?

The typical age for maturity when it comes to sleepaway camp age is at 8 onwards. This can be as early as 7 in some cases, depending on how mature the child is. One consideration is if your child is ready for the outdoors.

Depending on the camp, there are different rules when it comes to water activities, swim activities, and even outdoor activities. If your child has no physical limitations on outdoor activities, he or she is probably ready for camp.

3. Do They Show Interest in Overnight Camp?

Another way to see if your kids are at their appropriate age for sleepaway camp is to gauge their level of interest. Kids interested in going out, camping out, and socializing will look for your permission.

Overnight summer camp is a chance for them to see the world on their own. It encourages independence and camaraderie with other kids their age. If they think they’re ready to pack their bags for more fun, they will prove it to you.

Confidence in new situations is an indicator of their ability to handle things at camp. Everything that happens when going to camp will be something new to them. If they know they can take care of it, there’s no reason to stop them.

4. Can They Handle Separation?

Handling familial separation, even if it’s only for a sleepover or camp, is crucial in making sure your child is ready. It can be a big achievement if your child can handle such a separation. Without parents nearby to handle their problems, children need to be confident about resolving things on their own.

Kids who are the appropriate maturity for overnight camp will go and tackle solutions on their own or with others. At camp, they’ll need to collaborate with other kids to develop independence. This is a great way to develop self-reliance.  

If they are already proactive in their ability to collaborate, they’re at the right maturity for sleepaway camp.  If they are confident enough when dealing with strangers like teachers and camp supervisors, your kid is good to go.

5. Can They Go Device Free at Summer Camp?

Is your kid hooked to modern electronics and social media? If they are showing interest in camp, you need to know if they can “rough it,” no matter how ready for camp they say they are.

Knowing how to rough it means they’re ready to disconnect themselves. Summer camp will cut you off from the electronic world in favor of real-life interactions.

No video games. No social media. No memes or cat videos all day.

The goal of an overnight summer camp is to unwind. It’s for your kids to rediscover the life outside of what they already know. It’s to take them out of their comfort zone and discover the small things in life.

Try a new and thrilling activity. Learn a new skill. Tell scary stories around a bonfire.

Whether it’s trying new types of sports or enjoying the air on top of the mountain, going to camp means having the freedom to grow. The right age for overnight camp is when your child can skip modern media

6. Can They Handle Loneliness?

No matter how old your child is, you can’t stop loneliness from creeping to them. Kids need to face their fears, and this includes homesickness. This resolves if you choose the right place when they’re going to camp.

If the camp schedule has many activities lined up for everyone, being homesick is the last thing they’ll think. Reinforce the thought that overnight summer camp is a chance to make friends. Depending on your kids’ state of mind, they’re either there to find new friends or stay with their own.

Make summer camp something to remember for them.

Making Overnight Camp for Kids Easier

When it comes to overnight camp for kids, your child’s readiness for sleepovers is crucial. As children mature at different paces, there are telltale signs if your kid is ready. From their independence to their socialization skills, overnight summer camp is a good solution for them.

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