The Best DJ Summer Camps In Los Angeles

Your child can’t get enough of the idea of becoming a DJ? Then it may be time to send them to one of the many DJ summer camps in Southern California.

But with so many to choose from, how do you know which one is the best? After all, sending your child to just any camp could mean they have a bad experience or may not get the most out of their time at camp.

So you know what makes a great DJ summer camp, we put together this list of things to look for. We’ll also show you how the Pali Adventures’ DJ camp has all of these and more.

1. Hands-On Experiences

The most important thing your child can get out of DJ camp is a hands-on experience. At Pali Adventures, we offer this in two distinct ways.

First of all, your child will have the opportunity to learn how to use professional turntables during the learning sessions. These are the real deal and some of the newest equipment on the market today so your child will feel like a legit DJ in no time.

The second way we provide our campers with hands-on experiences is by giving them the chance to work the turntable during the Pali Dance. This allows them the ultimate real-world experience as they perform their own music for fellow campers and use everything they learned.

If a camp doesn’t offer your child the chance to use real modern turntables and software programs, they’re not going to be the best option for your child to learn this art form.

2. Modern Equipment

Speaking of modern equipment, this is something that’s essential for your child to have the best possible DJ camp experience. There are a lot of camps out there that have older equipment that no longer reflects what most professionals are using today.

We offer state-of-the-art equipment for our campers to use and even start them off on virtual turntables so they can learn in a virtual environment. This gives them more chances to explore the world of DJ-ing and discover how turntables work.

Additionally, your child will get to use some of the best software programs on the market as they learn how to match beats and mix their own music. This is another area we focus on so we can be the best DJ camp in Southern California.

3. Professional Instructors

The best modern equipment in the world won’t help your child learn to be a DJ unless they have skilled instructors in place that can show them how to use it.

All of our instructors for DJ camp here at Pali Adventures are professional DJ’s who have the knowledge and ability to teach your child everything they need to know about being a DJ. They’re passionate about what they do and want to see your child be the next Skrillex or Alison Wonderland.

Our experienced instructors also go beyond teaching musical methods and teach about every aspect of being a DJ. They’ll teach your child about performance as a DJ and help them create their own DJ persona they can introduce to the world.

kid performing at dj camp

4. Practical Techniques

There are many practical techniques that are needed to be a DJ, and our instructors are there to teach your child everything. Because they have real-world experience, they can give your child great tips to help them prepare to become an incredible DJ.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the things your child will learn and explore why they’re essential for a DJ to know.

Song Dropping

This technique is used during a performance to introduce a new song. To master the technique, DJ’s have to know which songs work best with this method and how to time it right so it perfectly follows the previous song.


Mixing is another way to introduce a new song in a set. However, it involves carefully selecting the next song and blending the beginning of the second song with the end of the first rather than simply dropping it in at a good moment.


One of the ways mixing is achieved is through beat-matching. This involves changing the beat of one or both of the songs so they match which makes for a much smoother transition from one song to another.

Campers will learn all three of these techniques and others so they can leave our DJ camp with a great set of skills that they can continue to develop outside of camp.

5. Focus on Soft Skills

A great camp experience is about more than the technical skills a child can learn. It’s also about the soft skills that help shape their habits and can help them in every area of their lives.

We focus on soft skills because we want every child that comes to a week of camp to be able to be a better person when they leave.

There are several soft skills we build up during DJ camp:

  • Creativity
  • Independence
  • Time management
  • Self-confidence
  • Organization

Even if your child doesn’t use their DJ talents, these skills can help your child in every aspect of their lives now and moving forward in school and even in a work environment.

Ready to Enroll Your Child in the Best DJ Summer Camp in Southern California?

Now you know the qualities of the best DJ summer camps in Southern California. As you can see, Pali Adventures meets all of these requirements to provide every child that comes to our camp with an incredible experience they won’t soon forget.

If you’re ready to send your child for an unforgettable week of camp, enroll them today. The enrollment process reserves a spot for your child in any one of our specialty camps, so if they’re not set on DJ camp, there’s still time for them to pick another option.

Remember, too, that spots for these camps fill up quickly, so you’ll want to enroll as soon as possible so we’ll keep a bed open for your child.