What To Expect From A Summer At Pali Adventures

Did you go to summer camp when you were a kid? If you did, you know how much fun it is, even though the idea of spending time away from your parents felt foreign at first. 

If you didn’t, we’re sorry – but now you have the chance to give that experience to your child. 

If you’re wondering why you should send your child to our camp out of all the camps in the nation, we have one answer: it’s because we’re the best! 

Maybe that’s our Pali Pride talking, but we think it’s the truth. You can decide for yourself by learning about the summer camp experience at Pali Adventures, below. 

kids at summer camp

A Huge Range of Specialties 

At Pali, we’ve spent countless amounts of time and money, making sure your child has an extensive range of “specialties” to choose from. 

That’s what we call our camp concentrations or curriculum, aka, the types of camp we offer. 

We have 28 of them in all and have even built a quiz into our website to help you and your camper choose from our range of options. 

Here are all 28, in alphabetical order:

  • Acting
  • Aviation
  • Broadcasting
  • Cirque du Pali 
  • CIT Leadership Program
  • Comedy
  • Culinary 
  • Dance 
  • DJ
  • Extreme Action 
  • Fashion
  • Film 
  • Fine Arts 
  • Flying Trapeze 
  • Girl Power
  • Hollywood Stunts
  • LARP
  • Magic 
  • Motorsports
  • Movie Makeup
  • Ninja Warrior
  • Potions and Lotions 
  • Rockstar
  • Secret Agent
  • Street Art
  • Wacky Science
  • Wacky Sports 
  • Water Sports 

That’s quite the list, right? And all of those specialties have different staff, who are experts or professionals in what they teach. 

Some specialties work well together, like starting with Trapeze camp on their first week and moving into Cirque du Pali on week two. 

We’ve designed it to be that way since campers can only choose one specialty per week they’re at camp. 

If you have any questions, you can find the specialty-specific link on our “all specialties” page. Clicking on the one you’re interested in will take you to a page that explains its curriculum, what your child will learn, and even gives a rating for different personality types. 

Quality Time in Nature 

Our campus is on two hundred + acres of land in the mountains of California. That means it’s not only beautiful, but it’s temperate, and the perfect place for a summer camp. 

Even when your child is engaging in their program, they’ll be in nature. Our motorsports course, for example, is a natural-dirt biking course on the edge of our campus. 

While they’re riding, they’ll whiz past hundreds of old trees, and might even catch a view (though they shouldn’t look while they’re driving, of course). 

Speaking of trees, they can feel like they’re one with them when they’re zipping on our built-in zip-line. 

Our campus features a natural pond, where water activities take place and a classic swimming pool.

Then there are our gathering spaces, where campers sit with almost 180-degree views of the surrounding mountains. That’s where we have our end-of-camp showcase, where campers show off what they’ve learned over the week.  

There’s pretty much nothing, in terms of recreational locations, that we don’t have. 

Comfortable Living Situations 

While camp is rustic, your camper won’t be sleeping outside (unless they participate in the Secret Agent overnight hike). They’ll be put up in cabins with bunk beds, in groups of 10 campers, and two counselors. 

These aren’t your usual camp cabins, however. We’ve invested in private bathrooms (no group showers here), radiant floor heating, radiant heat (not that we need it during the summer), and fresh natural spring water for drinking. 

Your camper will have to bring linens and toiletries, but otherwise, we’ve got the living situation covered.

Once they’re packed, the only question left about their living situations is whether they want the top or bottom bunk! 

Resort- Quality Meals 

We feed campers three meals a day and provide snacks. There’s no reason to send your child with any food items, even if they have dietary restrictions. 

We have a team of chefs and kitchen workers that make healthy and kid-friendly meals every day, including vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, and nut-sensitive items. 

When it comes to nut allergies, our camp is nut-free, from our cabins to our kitchens. 

If you have any other special dietary requests, you can make a note on your application or call to speak to one of our admission specialists. 

summer camp dining

A Camper-Controlled Experience 

One reason we offer so many main specialties is that we want your child to do exactly what they wish to at camp. 

That includes what they do in the afternoons and evenings after their specific curriculum is over for the day. 

Every afternoon students choose three activities, from a list of 70+ options. That means even if your child decided to go to acting camp, they could still learn archery or go swimming. 

Or Zumba, or Yoga, or Tomahawk throwing, or Jet Ski riding, and so on. Click here to see a sample list of electives

Group Activities 

Even if your child only stays one week, we want them to get the authentic sleepaway camp experience. That means having a camp dance, which has a different theme every week. 

Don’t worry, these dances are meant to be fun, not romantic, and adults are around to supervise! 

But dances are only once a week. They’ll also get the chance to have a classic campfire and play camp-wide games

kids at summer camp


Time to Show Off What They’ve Learned 


At the end of every week, we have a “Specialty Showcase,” which is when campers show what they’ve learned to the rest of the camp. 

If your child was in the Comedy specialty, for example, they’d put on a short comedy act in front of the entire camp. 

Campers will have built such solid relationships with each other by then, that there won’t be any reason to have stage fright! 

The Summer Camp Experience at Pali Adventure

The number one thing your camper should expect from their time at our summer camp? A week (or multiple weeks) full of fun, and the experience of a lifetime. 

Even if your child is nervous to start, they’ll come home talking non-stop about all their friends and adventures at camp

The summer camp experience at Pali Adventures is over too soon, no matter how long your child stays – which means they’ll be ready to come back next summer!

And we can’t wait to have them –  start our application process here before we fill up!