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Why Pali?

Pali Adventures Summer Camp has been providing campers with the best summer of their lives for the last 30 years!

20+ Amazing Specialties, 1 Fantastic Camp.


An area of focus that brings incredible happiness and sense of accomplishment. Activities that challenge, thrill and excite. A camper’s specialty is where they will spend their mornings developing their skills with expert-lead instruction.


Adrenaline pumping, high-flying activities that push you to your limits and give you the ultimate sense of satisfaction. No experience necessary.
Specialties include: Extreme Action, Flying Trapeze, Girl Power, Hollywood Stunts, Live Action Role Playing (LARP), Motorsports, Secret Agent, and Water Sports.


Using creative arts to express your talents, imagination, and innovation. Artistry for all levels.
Specialties include: Culinary, Fashion, Film, Fine Arts, Movie Make-Up, Street Art, and Wacky Science.


An act, presentation, encouraging environment to let your talent shine. On stage or behind the scenes – all are welcome.
Specialties include: Acting, Broadcasting, DJ, Magic, and Rockstar.


The act of leading a group of people
Specialties include: Counselor in Training (CIT)



About Pali

3:1 camper to staff ratio – One of the lowest in the industry!

Cabins and Bunking

In-cabin restrooms, most with a 4:1 camper to restroom ratio, solid wood bunks, radiant floor heating, 5:1 camper to counselor ratio in cabin.

Pali Eats

3 kid-friendly, delicious meals each day (most made from scratch!)
Organic fruits and veggies
Picky eater approved!

Pali Staff

The average age of our counselors is 23, and our staff comes from all over the world. All staff complete a minimum of 2 weeks of on-site staff training. We have licensed nurses on-site 24/7 who are certified in CPR/First aid, child psychology, conflict resolution, and much more.


We are accredited by both the ACA and WAIC


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