Best Creative Summer Camp in Southern California

For school-aged kids and teens, summer can either be a parent’s best friend or worst nightmare. With too much free time on their hands, some kids could either get into trouble or lose some of the mental fitness they built during the past school year.

On the other hand, you can use their time out of school to find new ways to exercise your child’s creativity, help them learn new schools, and let them expand their view of the world. If you’re looking for the best creative summer camps for your kids, check out the many options we have to offer.

Culinary Camp

If you have a budding chef in the house, they’ll love culinary camp. Your camper will spend a week learning all building blocks of a delicious dish. They’ll learn basic cooking skills like various cuts for their ingredients as well as several cooking methods from grilling to blanching.

Of course, safety comes first, so we begin with an intensive education in cooking safety as well. Throughout the week, your chef will also earn how to combine spices and get to know a variety of versatile ingredients so that they can not only follow recipes but craft their own creations too.

By the end of the week, campers will be showing off their skills in “Iron Chef”-style cooking challenges.

Fashion Camp

For kids who love shopping or those who tweak all their clothes to fit their own style, our fashion camp is an ideal creative workshop. They’ll learn about each stage in the fashion creation process, starting from defining their vision and sketching their designs.

To put their imagination to work, your design star will learn essential fitting and sewing skills. By the end of the week, they’ll be able to feature their work at their own fashion showcase.

Film Camp

With countless streaming services, today’s filming industry is inspiring kids all over the globe to become filmmakers themselves. If your child has been bitten by the directing bug, they’ll love our Pali  Adventures film camp.

To start, campers will learn all the essential skills they’ll need for camera operation as well as how to use sound and lighting equipment. They’ll come up with an original idea and turn it into a great script before finding the perfect actors for each part from the participants at our acting camp.

Finally, our mini movie moguls will create their own portfolio-worthy short films, complete with post-production editing and special effects.

Fine Arts Camp

With more and more schools, unfortunately, limiting their arts programs, growing artists can struggle to find a creative outlet. They’ll find that outlet this summer at Pali’s fine arts camp. This camp focuses on a range of artistic specialties including painting, creating stained glass, making jewelry, drawing with charcoal, and crafting mosaics.

Lead by a group of talented artists, your camper will end the week with a stronger portfolio of skills, a collection of original artwork, and hopefully an empowered passion for the arts.

Movie Make-Up Camp

Today’s world is obsessed with high definition everything, and in the film and television industry, that means make-up artists need to be better than ever. If your child is interested in this constantly evolving field, our movie make-up camp is perfect for them.

They’ll spend their week learning how to use make-up to revolutionize a person’s look, create fake injuries, and transform actors into animals and mystical creatures. Your camper will know their way around a film make-up toolkit and end the week by conceptualizing and creating their own original character using the make-up skills they’ve learned.

Potions and Lotions Camp

There is a powerful trend today toward trading in manufactured chemicals for more natural products, as well as making the family budget work with DIY home products. Your child or teen will learn all the ins and outs in our potions and lotions camp. Campers will spend most of their week learning how to make their own lotions, candles, perfumes, soaps, and face masks.

They’ll get an element of science during their experience as well by learning how and why certain ingredients react together the way they do. Beyond holistic products, though, this camp is also a lesson in mindfulness. Campers will learn relaxation techniques and other mental health exercises like Tai Chi, meditation, grounding, and yoga.

Your child will come home more centered and health-conscious while also having a new list of lifelong skills.

Street Art Camp

Who says real art can only happen on a canvas? Artists have experimented with unique mediums and methods since art began, and your child can do the same at Pali’s street art camp. The developing artists at our camp will have the opportunity to learn how to create large-scale artworks using spray paint and chalk.

They’ll also be able to dream up and create their own original stencils. Campers also get the opportunity to work together to paint a mural all their own for all of Pali to enjoy.

Wacky Science Camp

Science may have a reputation for being dull and monotonous, but our knowledgeable staff at Pali is ready to turn that stereotype on its head. Throughout the wacky science camp program, your child will get their hands dirty in a wide range of fun yet educational experiments.

They’ll be able to create projects like slime, ice cream, gummy worms, rockets, catapults, and more. Along the way, campers will develop an understanding of why their experiments are working and how various elements and materials interact with each other.

Best yet, by learning through hands-on activities, your campers will gain the type of unique knowledge that they’ll remember and understand, rather than memorizing facts they’ll forget before bedtime.

The Best Creative Camps

Trying to give your kids a fulfilling, fun, and productive summer on your own is an insurmountable challenge. To get your kids away from their electronics without trying to fit more planning and activities into your already intense schedule, turn to Pali Adventures.

We’re proud to have the best creative summer camps around for kids with a wide range of interests and passions. Make this summer an enriching experience for your kids and call Pali to find out more. Contact us to get started!