Channel Your Inner Model at Fashion Summer Camp

If your child watches fashion shows with envy and mimics the models while vamping down the hallway, you may have a future model on your hands. How do you foster that passion and help your child learn more about the fashion they love?

While fashion classes aren’t exactly as common as soccer practices and other types of extracurricular activities, you still have options. You can help your child embrace their love of modeling and fashion with our fashion summer camp at Pali Adventures. Find out what this experience can offer your mini Gisele.

Nail the Runway Walk

Rocking the runway is far from easy. Models need specific guidelines for posture and technique, not to mention the ability to walk quickly and gracefully in a variety of footwear. At the same time, models need to cater their walk to capture the perfect attitude for the clothing brand they’re modeling.

At fashion summer camp, your child will learn all the essentials for walking the runway. Our experienced instructors specialize in fashion and modeling, with all the expertise to give your child direct coaching no matter their skill level.

Harness the Designer Within

Our fashion summer camp is dedicated to giving campers a well-rounded look into the fashion industry, including modeling and beyond. One of several aspects of fashion we dive into is design.

Your child will learn the basic techniques of sketching for fashion design. Most importantly, they’ll discover how to put their own inspiration and style into an all-original outfit of their own. Our instructors will help your child use mood boards, sketches, and more to pull their fashion sense together and use it to dream up a unique outfit.

girl sitting at sewing machine at camp

Learn the Essentials of Fashion

As much of an art form as fashion is, it’s a science as well. It takes extensive knowledge to know how to craft appealing, well-constructed pieces.

Your child will learn all the essentials at our fashion summer camp. For instance, campers learn how to choose complementary colors and fabric textures, develop an understanding of industry-wide terms, discover how garments lay on different body types, and more. This knowledge empowers your child to keep designing and growing their fashion expertise well beyond summer camp.

Develop Lifelong Sewing Skills

Sewing is one of those skills that few kids learn today, but it is just as useful as it has ever been. With sewing skills, kids can repair and resize almost anything in their closet. Even better, they’ll know how to make their own clothes from scratch.

Campers at our fashion summer camp learn all the most important sewing techniques they need. They’ll find out all about machine sewing as well as sewing by hand. Your child will learn a variety of stitches and sewing principles, and because they’ll put all that knowledge into practice, they’ll know how to apply the skills they learn.

Along the way, our instructors will also teach your child how to stay safe while sewing, both while using a machine and while sewing by hand.

Create an Original Outfit

There is so much that goes into creating a beautiful outfit. Our instructors start by teaching all those skills from sketching and designing to sewing, and finally, your child will put it all together to create their own one-of-a-kind piece.

On top of the essentials we’ve already mentioned, campers can learn how to take their sketch and translate it into a fabric pattern. From there, they discover how to progress through each step of the process until they have a beautiful item from their own imagination. As our instructors guide campers through the process, we’ll help your child understand why each step is necessary so they can put their knowledge to use in making their own clothes for years to come.

girl wearing colorful sweater holding tie-dye umbrella

Become an Accessory Aficionado

A great outfit is only the start of a fantastic fashion look. The accessories play a powerful role.

While designing and creating their original outfit, your child will learn all the tricks and basics for styling. They’ll understand the terms for different types of jewelry and other accessories. Most importantly, your child will find out how to find the perfect accessories for any outfit based on fabric textures, colors, styles, and other variables.

At the end of the week, your fashionista-in-training will put all this expertise to work by styling their original outfit for the runway.

Show Off an Original Creation

Pali Adventures thrives on not only giving kids unique and memorable learning experiences but giving them the opportunity to put all their new knowledge into practice. Our fashion summer camp is no exception.

At the end of your child’s time at camp, they’ll work with their fellow campers to put on an exclusive fashion show. They’ll model their own pieces that they’ve designed, created, and styled themselves. What better way to combine their modeling skills and their design skills into one display?

For many kids, this fashion show is the first time they’ve had the opportunity to show off their fashion sense and their creative skills. Nothing compares to the pride a child feels when they hear applause they’ve earned with their hard work and artistic talent. Of course, campers also love that they get to take home their new outfits to show them off to all their friends at home.

Fostering Your Child’s Inner Model and Fashionista at Fashion Summer Camp

Every parent wants their child to find hobbies and skills they love. If those passions can one day become a career, it’s even better. The tricky part is finding a way to help your child grow their skills and expand on their natural talents.

If those talents happen to include modeling or fashion, look no further than fashion summer camp. Your child will never forget the experience or the techniques they learn during their time at camp.

To get the ball rolling, start by enrolling your child in Pali Adventures’ upcoming fashion summer camp today.