Extreme Action

Extreme Action campers indulge in the most heart-pounding, dirt-filled, high-speed action experiences available. Under the attentive supervision of our expertly trained staff, of course. Each morning packs in exhilarating and wild outdoor adventures. Action that encourages campers to reach new heights in self-esteem and confidence. Whether kicking up dust on an ATV or flying high on a zipline, our Extreme Action campers get a taste of the best Pali has to offer.

Every day is different — but always full of extreme fun

  • ATV action
  • Rock wall climbing
  • Laser tag battles
  • Mountain biking along Pali’s beautiful trails
  • Heart-pounding paintball
  • Challenging ropes courses
  • Archery

Learn More About Why Pali is The Best Extreme Action Summer Camp in Southern California

Activity Rating

Critical Thinking

Soft Skills

What Parents Are Saying
“We picked up my son and his sister from the fourth session and the camp was everything you promised. They loved it. They had a fantastic time; from their activities in Extreme Action, to their electives, to the nighttime activities, to their counselors. And as parents, we’re thrilled. It was everything we hoped for. Thanks for providing an extraordinary experience. Our kids are already talking and next year.”
What Campers Are Saying

“AWESOME. Extreme was limit pushing.” “I loved Pali sooo much. The counselors helped me a lot in feeling more welcome for my 1st year. Extreme Action helped me to step out of my comfort zone.” “Extreme action was the best. It was always fun, exciting and energizing! I can’t wait to go back!” “Pali is AWESOME with a capital A. Xtreme Action helped me face my fears.”

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