Movie Make Up

Goblins, gashes and glamour!

In our movie makeup specialty, campers will create glamorous models and gruesome monsters!

Using special techniques taught by professional makeup artists, campers learn the art of transforming each other into Hollywood-worthy characters, fairy princesses, wild animals, ghosts or zombies.

At the end of the week, campers will take on a challenge to create a completely original character of their choice.

  • Learn makeup styles for film and theatre
  • Master application techniques
  • Create realistic gashes, cuts, burns and bullet holes
  • Character creation
  • Beauty and glamour
  • Monsters and zombies

Best Movie Make-Up Summer Camp in Southern California 

Activity Rating

Critical Thinking

Soft Skills

Artistic Sense
Self Awareness
Self Confidence
What Parents Are Saying

“Just want to drop a note to let you know my daughter had an amaaaazing time last week. She loved everything and everyone (especially her counselor) at the camp. Thank you for the amazing adventure she had and for running an amazing organization. See you guys next summer!!!”

What Campers Are Saying

“Movie Makeup was an incredible experience. I really enjoyed it, especially when I learned how to do bruises and cuts. It was amazing words can’t describe it.”

“It’s very exciting in the camp. There’s a lot of things that I’ve never tried before. I loved everything about it!”

“It was an amazing first time at Pali. It went by too fast.”

“In Movie Make-Up I learned all kinds of really cool make-up ideas.”

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