The Journey of a Pali Adventures Camper – Part 1

Craig Emerson | Pali Mountain


We always hear “I never win anything!”, but what happens when you actually do WIN and the prize is a week at Pali Adventures Summer camp?

This is the story of one lucky “soon-to-be” Pali Adventures camper as we share his journey leading up to arrival day at camp. The parent of the lucky camper gave us insight behind-the-scenes of the camper, how they won, the campers prep for this new experience, their excitement, and all other details of their journey.

In April, Pali Adventures ran an on-air contest for a prize giveaway with ABC Channel 7 in Los Angeles, sponsored by Frontier Cable. One lucky parent entered and won and they instantly felt like this was an opportunity of a lifetime for their camper, Shane, to try something new and switch it up from the everyday routine. Since Shane found out he was going to summer camp, he can hardly wait to come to see what is in-store for him and meet the counselors.

Shane is 13 and loves sports and being creative. He also enjoys making up rap songs using his Macbook Pro. Singing and making up sounds and beats through music is inspiring and brings out his creative side. Shane often plays DJ for his little brother’s birthday parties and also makes movies for family and friends.

Shane takes acting classes from time to time, but sometimes finds it challenging to memorize lines and perform them at his best. Along with acting, he also loves to play basketball – his favorite sport. Shane likes to play against his little brother in the backyard court.

When summer comes and the school year ends, Shane and his family will make beach trips when possible. Body surfing in the ocean is a favorite past-time for Shane.

Well Shane seems like a PERFECT fit for Pali Adventures! The hard part now is narrowing down what specialty he will choose? With all of Shane’s varied interests from DJ to Movie Making to Rockstar/Music and Acting, what will Shane choose?  Follow Shane’s adventure as he visits camp, chooses his specialty and becomes a Pali camper.

Pali is anything but the typical summer camp experience. There are so many options today when it comes to choosing the right summer camp for your child. Camp has evolved from hiking, campfires and swimming in the lake to Hollywood Stunts, Secret Agent, Girl Power and Street Art. Your camper will have plenty of company and the joy of making friends with shared interests. Over the years, these specialty “minicamps” have welcomed kids from all over the United States as well as 17 other countries, who have signed up to pursue a passion or learn something new.


About Pali Adventures

Pali Adventures is an overnight summer camp for kids ages 8-16, located in Southern California near Los Angeles. The Pali experience is one of a kind: campers choose a morning specialty and all of their own afternoon electives to design a personalized adventure. Our campers follow their dreams, try incredible new things and gain lifelong friends in a safe and supportive environment. Send your child to the place where they will grow, feel successful and return home saying, “That was the Best Camp Ever!”

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