What is Sleepaway Camp? What Does Camp Mean to You and Your Child?

Navigating Uncharted Territory: Sleepaway Camp

What Is Sleepaway Camp? What Does Camp Mean to Your Child & You?

Sleepaway camp can feel like a huge undertaking for first-time campers and families.  Rest assured, the fun always outweighs the logistical considerations.  Sleepaway camp is different for every family, depending on the specific needs of your child, and the specific camp that you choose. If your child has never been to overnight camp before, chances are that every detail about camp will be new to you.

Many families return to the same summer camp year after year.   Summer camp becomes more than just a summer activity to pass the time; it becomes intrinsic to childhood memories. Summer camp helps to shape kids into the adults that they will become.

The Difference Between Sleepaway Camp and Day Camp

So what is sleepaway camp? Unlike day camp, sleepaway camp involves staying away from home for an extended period of time. Some camps offer traditional “camp” activities such as archery, horseback riding, and arts and crafts. Other camps offer more specific activities, or specialties, like Culinary, Hollywood Stunts, Secret Agent, or Girl Power.  At Pali Adventures, we offer a mix of traditional camp activities and unique specialties in order to provide campers with a one-of-a-kind camp experience. See our comedy camp for reference.

At day camp, campers go home at the end of each day.  At sleepaway camp, campers sleep in group cabins with bunk beds and campers of the same gender and similar age. Campers can sign up for sessions that last from 1 week to the entire summer.

When parents ask, “what is sleepaway camp?” we note that the main characteristic that sets it apart from day camp is the extended time away from parents and home. For many kids, sleepaway camp is an important step towards gaining independence and maturity.

What Is the Importance of Sleepaway Camp for Your Family?

The sleepaway camp experience is different for everyone. Many kids feel that they have their family at home, and then they have their “camp family” at camp. Sleepaway camp allows kids to build their independence and self-confidence separate and apart from their parents.  Lifelong friendships develop out of summer camp relationships.

At sleepaway camp, kids learn to deal with separation from their parents. After a positive, fun and engaging overnight camp experience, kids will return home feeling confident and successful, even if they had some initial trepidation.  Kids learn to step out of their comfort zone and are rewarded with new friends, amazing memories, and newfound confidence.

Your child may feel more comfortable taking risks at summer camp with the help and encouragement of counselors who quickly become role models. Many campers look up to their counselors, who help to provide an answer to the question, what is sleepaway camp by exemplifying strong leadership qualities and real compassion for the kids they work with.

What Will Your Child Take Away From Sleepaway Camp?

Aside from a little suntan, your child will return home from summer camp with amazing memories, a few new best friends, new skills, and maybe even a whole new outlook on life. Campers may return home with new skills learned from days on the lake, specialty classes and old fashion camp activities.  The skills and activities that campers participate in at camp may also inspire them to try new things during the school year.

Most importantly, campers gain a new community that they will undoubtedly look forward to returning to year after year. Camp friendships are powerful, and often last forever. When your child asks you about sleepaway camp, you can tell them it’s a place that kids return home from, raving about their amazing memories and already excited for next year when they get to go back!

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