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Keep the Creative Juices Flowing at Camp This Summer

No matter what your child’s creative interests are, Pali Adventures has several creative themed summer camp specialities that are sure to peak your child’s curiosity and get them exploring new topics. Choose from a wide variety of unique specialty programs which will help your child gain confidence, make lifelong friendships, and learn new skills, all in a stress-free environment. Our camp specialties are open to campers with all levels of experience – so no prior preparation is needed!

With all of the different ways for kids to creatively express themselves at Pali Adventures, there is truly something for everyone. Can’t choose just one? Several of our creative specialties can be taken for multiple sessions, or, mix it up and choose a few different specialties to create a unique summer camp schedule. Either way, your child is guaranteed to have an unforgettable summer camp experience!



In the culinary specialty at Pali Adventures, campers gain experience in the kitchen while creating mouthwatering appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Campers are exposed to unique and exotic ingredients and will learn a variety of cooking methods and techniques. During this specialty, campers cook under the guidance of our expertly trained culinary staff and instructors who are here to answer any questions!

Children will learn useful skills like how to properly use a knife and other common kitchen equipment. At the end of the week, campers will battle it out in an iron chef style cooking competition where they try to woo the judges (counselors), by creating dishes which incorporate a basket of mystery ingredients. Should your child want to enroll in multiple sessions, cooking instructors at Pali Adventures prepare multiple weeks of new and exciting recipes, so campers who stay for longer than one session will never get bored.



In the fashion speciality, campers will use their unique eye for design to create a new clothing line — all the way from inception to production! Campers will plan their designs using mood boards, and illustrative sketches, just like in the real world. Campers will also learn the basics of sewing and pattern making – but fear not, all levels are welcome to sign up for this specialty camp.

At the end of the week Fashionistas show off their designs as they strut down the runway at the Pali Showcase for friends and counselors to see. Campers can bring home their new stylish creations to wear throughout the year. Who knows, maybe you won’t have to do any back to school shopping after all!



Whiles in the film speciality, children will create, direct, and edit their own short movies. Pali Adventures’ camp counselors help children create original 3-5 minute films, showcasing their unique interests, while learning technical skills using our state of the art equipment.

Those enrolled in the film specialty are responsible for script writing, directing, sound and lighting, videotaping, and post-production editing, which teaches campers all the stages in the filmmaking process. At the end of the week, campers will have their movie shown at the Pali Film Festival and will receive a digitized version to take home.


Fine Arts

The fine arts specialty at Pali Adventures is perfect for young visual artists who are looking to explore and create artwork in different mediums. Campers have the opportunity to unleash their inner artist by dabbling in various types of media, including acrylic paint, charcoal drawing, stained glass, mosaic art, and jewelry making.

By the end of the session, campers will have five pieces of unique, handmade art to take home and show off to family and friends.


Movie Makeup

Campers who participate in the movie makeup specialty at Pali Adventures will learn plenty of tips and tricks from pro Hollywood makeup artists. The movie makeup specialty teaches campers everything from professional makeup application to how to create gory, graphic wound effects.

This specialty goes hand in hand with our film summer camp. Sign up for both and learn how to create special effects with makeup and then create your own movies!


Street Art

If your child is interested in street art and graffiti, let them take their love for design to the next level with street art camp. Campers will learn how to visualize, sketch, and create graffiti art all while under the watchful eye of our expert artists. The street art specialty allows campers to explore non-traditional art mural techniques on the grounds at Pali. Each session will leave a lasting legacy by creating a beautiful mural right at camp.


Wacky Science

The wacky science specialty at Pali Adventures is the perfect blend of fascinating science and creative exploration. Campers will have the opportunity to create their own experiments with common ingredients you can find right in your own kitchen! Campers will also get to work with robots, drones, rockets, and more!

Campers will conduct edible experiments, making things like ice cream, soda, and rock candy “geodes”, to name a few. This creative summer camp is the perfect non-traditional science camp for inquisitive young minds.

Visit the Pali website for more information on our specialties and enroll today!

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