Best Adventures Summer Camp in Southern California

Summer camp is one of those childhood experiences that can give your kids lifelong memories and lifelong friendships. Not all summer camps are created equal, though.

Lanyards and campfires are great, but your kids can get even more out of camp if you choose a camp that is geared toward their specific interests. If you have a growing adventurer on your hands, check out the best adventure summer camps Pali Adventures has to offer.

Aviation Camp

Summer camp is more than a fun activity that gets your child off the couch. It can help them experiment with potential future careers. If your child loves airplanes and has dreams of flying them someday, aviation camp is an opportunity for them to learn all about how planes work and even practice safety with a virtual reality flight simulator.

The capstone of the experience is a turn at flying a REAL airplane!

Extreme Action Camp

Is your child constantly finding things to climb on or jump off of?

Are they begging you every day to take them to ride roller coasters? You may have an adrenaline junkie on your hands and if so, they’ll be head over heels for our extreme action. This camp is all about the most thrilling adventures Pali Adventures has to offer, from rock climbing and mountain biking to battling it out with laser tag and paintball.

Flying Trapeze Camp

Whether your child has dreams of the circus life or they just have extra energy to burn off, trapeze camp at Pali Adventures is one of a kind. Your camper will learn how all the essentials for the trapeze arts, from swinging and catching to using aerial silks.

Girl Power Camp

It’s never too early to start empowering your daughter to accomplish all her most ambitious goals, and our girl power camp at Pali Adventures can give her a great head start. This camp gives girls the opportunity to try and excel at plenty of “boy activities” and “girl activities” alike, from paintball to manicures, so they recognize that there are no limits to what they can do in life.

Hollywood Stunts Camp

What’s more fun than being an actor? Doing all the fun stunts that actors aren’t able or permitted to do. If your child watches action movies in awe, they could be a perfect fit for our Hollywood stunts camp.

They’ll spend the week learning an expansive list of stunt techniques, including hand to hand combat, from pros who take every precaution to make sure your child is safe.


If you aren’t familiar, LARP stands for live action role play. It’s an activity that lets participants act out their favorite games, movies, and TV shows. Our LARP camp at Pali Adventures takes its inspiration from the longtime favorite game, Dungeons and Dragons.

Your camper will be able to create their own character to portray, build their character’s costume and weapons, and even learn tactical skills their character would use such as tomahawk-throwing and archery.

Motorsports Camp

If the sound of a revving engine gets your child’s heart pumping, they’ll love our motorsports camp. They’ll learn how to operate and race ATVs, mini-bikes, and go-karts on our customized racetracks as well as the thrilling nature trails throughout Pali Adventures.

Throughout the week, they’ll also learn the essential skills they need in order to stay safe on the racetrack and the trails.

Ninja Warrior Camp

Do you have a child who can’t get enough of Ninja Warrior and Kung-Fu movies? Maybe they love their martial arts classes but want to learn some skills.

Our ninja warrior camp could be exactly what they’re looking for. Throughout the week, our knowledgeable instructors will teach them the ultimate balance between mind and body that they need to pull off Ninja Warrior-style obstacle courses. Your child will learn skills like parkour, slack-lining, rock climbing, and acro-yoga.

Secret Agent Camp

What child doesn’t watch a James Bond movie and envision themselves doing all the cool maneuvers and pulling awesome gadgets out of their sleeves? If your child has visions of espionage and secret missions, they’ll flip for Pali Adventures’ secret agent camp.

Campers will complete classified missions throughout the week, all while learning tactical skills on the paintball battlefield and mastering self-defense moves through martial arts.

Wacky Sports Camp

What do you do with a young athlete who’s getting bored with the same old football, basketball, and other standard sports? You send them to wacky sports camp at Pali Adventures.

They’ll spend a week learning all the crazy sports they could imagine, from slip and slide baseball to log rolling. Better yet, they’ll get a week full of great exercise while having fun and learning more about teamwork, sportsmanship, and other life skills. They’ll be the hit of the neighborhood when they get home and have plenty of fun new games to teach their friends.

Water Sports Camp

When you’re surrounded by nature and the Southern California sun is beating down on your noggin, what better way is there to spend a day but on the water?

At least that’s the logic we use at our water sports camp at Pali Adventures. Whether your child is new to water sports or an experienced aqua athlete, they’ll love spending the week on Big Bear Lake with activities like water skiing, tubing, knee-boarding, wakeboarding, and even jet skiing.

While campers will need to pass a basic swimming test for this camp, they’ll also be wearing life vests and will be under the supervision of experienced counselors and certified lifeguards throughout their time on the lake.

Make the Call

Your child’s summer can go one of two ways. It can be 10 long weeks of sitting on the couch, getting too little exercise and forgetting everything they learned in school last year. Or, it can be an opportunity for them to have enriching experiences they wouldn’t get in the classroom, learn new skills, and give their social skills a boost.

Even better, they can get all these benefits while having the time of their lives. To add more fun, health, and memories to your child’s summer, find out more about the best adventure summer camps around at Pali Adventures. Click on the chat button to the right to connect to a Parent Liaison now!